The Return-to-Work Toolkit: A Guide for Safeguarding Employees and Customers

For the past year, many businesses have been operating with a fully or partially remote workforce, or ceasing operations altogether. Now, with COVID-19 vaccines becoming available, employers can start planning their future which may include returning workers to their physical business locations.

With that in mind, the Returning Workforces and COVID-19 Vaccines toolkit explores COVID-19 vaccines and other workplace safeguards to help HR professionals and employers decide what policies, communications, considerations, and plans are best for their organizations.

Covering topics from vaccine policies (including OSHA and EEOC perspectives) and how to develop a workplace vaccination plan, to employee communications and printable resources, this 52-page toolkit is full of helpful information and resources to aid you in developing a thorough, thoughtful, and safe return-to-work plan.

And, as always, Horst Insurance is here to answer your questions related to the toolkit and other workplace matters.

Returning Workforces and COVID-19 Vaccines sample pages