Workplaces During the COVID-19 Pandemic Decision Tree

Deciding whether or not to re-open is just one of the decisions business owners will face during the COVID-19 pandemic. Once that decision is made, other questions you might face include:

  • Are recommended health and safety actions in place?
  • Do we protect vulnerable workers?
  • Have we trained all employees on health and safety protocols?
  • Is ongoing monitoring in place?
  • Do you have a plan for if an employee gets sick?

We have created a Workplace During the COVID-19 Pandemic Decision Tree as a tool to assist employers in making re-opening decisions. It is important to check with state and local health officials and other partners to determine the most appropriate actions while adjusting to meet the unique needs and circumstances of the local community.

For more ideas on how to respond to COVID-19, check out the COVID-19 Resources category of our blog, or contact us to talk through your questions with someone on the Horst Insurance team.