Winter Safe Driving Tips

Winter storms can be can dangerous. Along with bad weather and poor road conditions, they cause nearly half a million accidents on the road every year. Knowing how to drive safely during the winter can help prevent you from having one of those accidents.

Download the Winter Safe Driving Tips Infographic PDF or view it below.

Winter safe driving tips infographic

  1. Stay home, if possible.
    Only go out if necessary during hazardous winter weather. It’s better to avoid the risk bad weather brings on the road.
  2. Stay alert.
    Give your full attention to the road. Avoid activities such as eating and using your cellphone.
  3. Drive slowly.
    Driving slow in slippery conditions helps prevent skidding and accidents. Reducing your speed allows you to keep control of your vehicle.
  4. Keep your distance.
    Give yourself as much space as possible between yourself and other vehicles when possible. This will provide increased safety in the event you need to stop.
  5. Avoid cruise control.
    Always be in control when it comes to acceleration and deceleration in snowy or slippery conditions.
  6. Use your headlights.
    Turn on your low-beam headlights, even during the day, to increase visibility on snowy roads.