Tom Schneider: Manufacturers E&O Insurance & Common Claims

Author – Tom Schneider, Account Executive – Horst Insurance


Manufacturers Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance is a crucial component for businesses involved in the manufacturing industry. This type of insurance provides coverage for financial losses resulting from errors or omissions in the manufacturing process. Most manufacturers rely solely on their commercial general liability policy to cover them for third party claims. However, there are coverage gaps beyond just coverage for bodily and property damage.

Manufacturers E&O insurance is designed to protect manufacturers from financial losses caused by mistakes or oversights in the production of goods. It goes beyond traditional liability coverage, focusing specifically on errors made during the manufacturing process. This insurance is vital for businesses that want to safeguard themselves against potential legal and financial consequences arising from defects, design flaws, or other mistakes in their products.

Common Manufacturers E&O Claims Scenarios:

1. Defective Products: One of the most common claims scenarios involves defective products reaching the market. If a flaw in the manufacturing process results in a product defect that causes harm or damage, the manufacturer may face legal action. Manufacturers E&O insurance can provide coverage for legal defense costs and financial settlements.

2. Design Flaws: Errors in the product design phase can lead to significant issues once the product is manufactured and in use. Manufacturers E&O insurance can cover claims related to design flaws that result in product failure, safety concerns, or other issues that impact consumers.

3. Mislabeling or Misrepresentation: If a manufacturer incorrectly labels a product or provides misleading information about its features, it can lead to consumer dissatisfaction and legal repercussions. Manufacturers E&O insurance may offer protection in such cases, covering legal expenses and potential damages.

4. Failure to Meet Specifications: Manufacturers are often required to meet specific product specifications and quality standards. If a product fails to meet these standards due to errors in the manufacturing process, the manufacturer may face claims from customers or business partners. Manufacturers E&O insurance can help mitigate the financial impact of such claims.

5. Missed Deadlines: Delays in product delivery can have significant consequences for manufacturers and their clients. Manufacturers E&O insurance may cover claims related to missed deadlines, providing financial protection in the event of contractual disputes or financial losses incurred by clients.


Manufacturers Errors and Omissions insurance is a valuable risk management tool for businesses in the manufacturing sector. By understanding common claims scenarios and having appropriate coverage in place, manufacturers can protect themselves from the financial and legal ramifications of errors and omissions in their operations. It is essential for manufacturers to work closely with insurance professionals to tailor coverage to their specific needs and ensure comprehensive protection.