Sleep Program Employer Guide

Chronic fatigue, which causes decreased productivity and increased absenteeism, costs employers nearly $136 billion annually. Fatigue is a serious concern. The National Safety Council (NSC) found that those who sleep less than six hours each night cost employers about six workdays a year in productivity. According to OSHA, employee fatigue increases the risk of a workplace accident or injury. Fatigue is also linked to increased health care costs: fatigue increases the risk of developing chronic conditions, and treating these conditions accounts for 86% of the nation’s overall health care costs.

Despite these serious consequences of fatigue, there’s good news. You can encourage employees to focus on getting more sleep with the use of a sleep wellness program. We have compiled an employer’s guide to building a voluntary six-week employee sleep program focused on sleep tracking and evaluation. This guide includes examples of daily social media posts, weekly emails, and other ideas for getting employees engaged.

Download our Sleep Program Employer Guide to get started on your employee sleep program.