The Reality of Office Violence

An office certainly does not seem to be a place at particular risk of violence. However, no workplace is immune, and the risk of violence either involving an outsider or between two employees remains a serious safety and health issue, even in an office.

Whether it stems from work-related disputes or domestic abuse or personal issues, violence can occur inside or outside the workplace, and can range from threats and verbal abuse to physical assaults and homicide. Tempers can flare and escalate to violent behavior at any time.

We’ve taken steps to keep you safe on the job. As we emphasize in our Workplace Violence Prevention Program, we do not tolerate threats, bullying, harassment or any other form of violence. However, keeping our workplace as safe as possible requires the commitment of all employees, including, horst insurance, workplace violence

Identifying Your Risk

Workplace violence can include actions or words that endanger or harm you or your co-workers, including:

  • Verbal or physical harassment
  • Verbal or physical threats
  • Assaults or other violence
  • Any other behavior that causes you to feel unsafe (bullying or sexual harassment)

Staying Safe

Although nothing can guarantee that you will never be a victim of workplace violence, many incidents are preventable. Contribute to the safety measures and other efforts that we have in place by following these guidelines:

  • Be aware of and report threatening behavior by co-workers, and be alert for other signs of aggression or violent behavior.
  • Take all threats seriously.
  • Follow procedures established by our Workplace Violence Prevention Program, including those for reporting incidents.
  • Learn how to recognize, avoid or diffuse potentially violent situations by attending personal safety training programs.
  • Alert supervisors to any concerns about safety or security, and report all incidents immediately in writing.
  • Avoid traveling alone to unfamiliar locations whenever possible.

Help us Keep you Safe

The most important thing you can do is stay alert and aware of any potentially dangerous behavior. Make sure that you are effectively trained in conflict resolution and methods of handling potentially dangerous situations. Adhere to our policies by reporting any incidents or suspicious behavior in order to reduce your risk of being a victim.