Preventing Sprinkler System Freeze-Ups

Cold weather brings the danger of impaired fire protection because of water freezing in sprinkler piping, underground mains, gravity suction tanks, or fire pumps. Such freezing not only leaves you at risk of fire and damage to the building and its contents, but it may also necessitate expensive repairs to the system.

Frequently freezing of automatic sprinkler systems occurs in climates not normally associated with cold weather. It is important that property owners be alert to unusual climatic changes that may cause freezing. They should be prepared to take preventive measures as if they were in a cold climate. For those who do live in cold climates, you should revisit how you are preparing your sprinkler systems for unusually cold temperatures to ensure your system is being maintained properly and will not freeze.

To help you prepare your sprinkler system for winter, we have compiled tips in our Risk Control Bulletin: Preventing Sprinkler System Freeze-Ups. This document provides tips for wet pipe systems, dry pipe systems, antifreeze systems, gravity/suction tanks, and fire pumps. We also give tips on what to do if you do experience a frozen sprinkler system. Download the document here.