Manufacturing Safety Talks Packet

In manufacturing, there is no shortage of potential hazards that could result in serious injuries on the job.

This year, ensure a safer workplace for your employees. Start by downloading our Manufacturing Safety Talks Packet. In it you will find an entire year’s worth of safety meeting and training materials, such as lockout/tag-out procedures and steps as well as information on how to safely react to chemical spills.

Other information you can find in this packet includes:

  • Acetone safety precautions
  • How to avoid accidents on the plant floor
  • Blasting agents and safety
  • Bloodborne pathogen awareness
  • Chemical spill safety
  • Concrete manufacturing hazards and safety
  • Control of hazardous energy
  • Dangers of silica exposure
  • Drill press safety
  • Ergonomics precautions for sheet metal workers
  • Falling and flying objects on the floor
  • Flammable and combustible liquids
  • Hand tool safety tips
  • Handling toxic chemicals safely
  • Head protection
  • Hearing protection
  • Lathe safety
  • Lockout for safety
  • Machine emergency stops
  • Machine guarding
  • Overhead cranes
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Portable grinders
  • Practicing slip and fall prevention
  • Preventing and dealing with workplace violence
  • Proper use and care of respiratory protection
  • Putting a stop to pinch point injuries
  • Recognizing spray paint hazards
  • Safe conveyor belt use
  • Safe precautions for welding and cutting
  • Slaughterhouse hazards
  • Staying safe
  • Supporting workplace safety initiatives
  • Table saws
  • Walking and working surfaces
  • Working with lead safely
  • Your most valuable tools
  • Your role in food safety

Download your Manufacturing Safety Talks Packet here.