HR Toolkit Workplace Well-being

Over the last few years, employers nationwide have been all about wellness, particularly when it concerns return on investment (ROI). With the increased focus on wellness, employers are shifting away from only offering workplace wellness initiatives that encourage improvements in physical health and wellness. Instead, there’s been a shift to integrate total wellness, which is often referred to as well-being, into their company’s culture.

Remember, company culture is the personality of a company and the environment in which its employees work. It is the unifying element that holds everyone in an organization together. Moreover, it has been proven that employees who identify with and feel a sense of belonging to a company’s culture are more productive, happier and want to work for the company for longer.

By incorporating a focus on overall well-being into your company’s culture, it will encourage employees to identify with the concept and will eventually become part of the way your organization operates. An increased focus on well-being may also result in improved employee health and wellness, which leads to happier and healthier employees. Happy and healthy employees means lower health care costs, higher engagement and increased recruitment and retention results.

This toolkit serves as an introduction to the concept of workplace well-being. It explains what it is and why it’s a beneficial initiative, and provides best practices and resources to help you implement it at your organization.

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