HR Toolkit: HR Department of One

The HR department is a critical facet of any organization. The department is responsible for vital tasks like hiring, benefits administration, employee welfare and so much more. Yet, despite its importance, organizations often devote only a handful of people to its operation—in some cases, only one person.

This toolkit is intended to help individuals who are tasked with running an entire HR department. Within, you will find best practices for keeping tasks running smoothly, onboarding the best people, keeping payroll on time and other helpful tips.

Note that this toolkit is not exhaustive, so you may have questions that aren’t addressed here. Through our partnership, you have access to many other supporting resources, so please contact us for more guidance or resources on a particular topic.

Being an HR department of one can feel intimidating, but you aren’t alone. Review this toolkit and reach out to Horst Insurance with any questions.

Download the HR Toolkit: HR Department of One