HR Toolkit – Employee Discipline

Employee discipline is an inherently complicated topic. It involves carefully navigating workplace policies and legal obligations while finding the appropriate resolution for everyone involved. Depending on the circumstances, necessary disciplinary actions may be straightforward, or they may be complicated and require additional contingencies.

Though potentially murky, employee discipline is a critical topic for employers to understand. Not doing so could leave employers susceptible to costly legal claims and other workplace consequences. Moreover, employers today use various disciplinary methods to proactively meet employee challenges and achieve successful outcomes. With that in mind, this toolkit seeks to educate employers who want to learn more about employee discipline and what it entails.

Included within is an overview of employee discipline, how it may look in practice, relevant workplace laws, an overview of commonly used discipline-related policies and a printable appendix. Reach out to Horst Insurance with any questions related to these materials or to learn more about employee discipline and other workplace topics.

Download the Employee Discipline Toolkit