HR Toolkit: Employee Attraction

In today’s tight labor market, employee attraction—enticing talented individuals to apply for job vacancies—impacts employers of all sizes. The current heavy focus on attraction is partly due to persistent talent challenges (e.g., skills gap, increased competition and changing candidate expectations) in recent years. With a tighter labor market, talent scarcity has become more prevalent and is expected to persist throughout the coming years. Current challenges aside, employers of all sizes should understand the importance of attraction at any given time. By focusing their attention on attraction, all employers are going to be better able to obtain talent that leads to and assists their organizations’ growth and success.

To effectively execute employee attraction initiatives, employers need to understand what draws employees to an organization, the cost of attracting them and the current labor market conditions. Several components can help set some employers apart from others, such as recruitment marketing strategy, brand, and recruiting and hiring processes.

This toolkit explains employee attraction and how recruitment marketing, employer branding, hiring and similar factors play key roles in winning over employees. It also discusses employee attraction strategies and covers common metrics employers can use to improve their practices.

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HR Toolkit: Employee Attraction