HR Toolkit: Diversity and Inclusion

There are many different priorities and factors to be weighed and considered by organizations as they attempt to grow and pursue their goals. Prominent among these factors are diversity and inclusion initiatives. As greater attention has been paid to these concepts in recent years, organizations have realized that these are not just trends. Diversity and inclusion initiatives are here to stay.

Many employers that cultivate an inclusive work environment have noticed a positive impact on employee morale, productivity and the company’s bottom line. For example, inclusion can be a valuable component of employee retention, as employees who feel included are generally more likely to stay at an organization. And increased employee retention means that organizations can avoid excessive offboarding time, hiring costs and training expenses.

Diversity and inclusion initiatives and approaches taken by one employer may not be the right option for others. Human resources (HR) professionals and leaders may seek to immerse themselves in these topics to evaluate what potential impact they could have on their own organizations.

This HR Toolkit offers an overview of diversity and inclusion, trends shaping today’s workplaces and how such efforts can impact organizational performance. In addition, it discusses potential legal implications and analyzes several strategies used by employers in various industries.

Download the Diversity and Inclusion Toolkit PDF