Horst Insurance eReview System

Over the past several months, Horst Insurance has started deploying a web based software application to our personal insurance clients, known as the eReview system. The eReview system, managed by our Business Development Associate, Debbie Amway, is part of our ongoing effort to keep you informed about your insurance coverage and to make sure it is keeping pace with any changing needs you may have. Debbie works closely with your Personal Insurance Account Manager to review your current insurance policies and provide additional coverage options for your consideration. We are providing this review in an effort to help you understand the potential coverage gaps that you may face and ensure your claims do not go uncovered in the event of a loss.

The eReview system will be sent to your email inbox from Debbie Amway and will contain a link to your online coverage review checklist that has been created specifically for you. Upon setting up a user ID and password, you are able to access your own individual checklist and view the coverage items you are not taking full advantage of or coverage that we would like you to consider as a recommendation. In addition, this checklist also provides additional information and resources to assist you in making an educated decision regarding your coverages. Once you have reviewed this information, you can request additional information, request a quote or sign off (decline) coverages offered.

If you are a personal insurance client and have not yet received your coverage review checklist, watch out for a postcard (shown below) explaining that your eReview coverage checklist will be sent shortly to your email inbox. This will give you an idea of when to expect the email.

Online Coverage Review Checklist

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Debbie Amway at 717-581-9884 or DAmway@HorstInsurance.com.