Employment Practices While Recruiting & Hiring

Like any employer, you want to make sure that your new employees are the best in the business. Searching for the right candidate to fill a crucial position is a time-consuming and difficult process. Your company needs to make sure that every new employee is highly skilled and right for the job – and you only have an application, resume, and interview to find that out.

Employers need to be careful, though. The hiring process is one of the most dangerous times for employer liability. If the wrong questions are asked of an applicant, the interviewer, employer or company could be sued. Many times, employers can’t tell what makes a question discriminatory or how phrasing can change the suggested intention of a question.

Once considerations for intelligence, performance, and medical testing get added to the employment process, finding a new worker becomes a minefield of risks. Business owners, executives, and human resource managers need to analyze every step they take through the hiring process. Companies also need to consider employment practices liability (EPL) insurance and how it can protect them while they try to find the best employees for the job.

To help with the process, we have compiled Employment Practices While Recruiting and Hiring which includes insights for business owners and risk managers for the hiring process. This document covers risks and processes for the following topics:

  • Application
  • Interviewing
  • Checks and Testing
  • Negligent Hiring

Download the Employment Practices While Recruiting and Hiring guide before you consider your next hire.