Declutter Your Space to Improve Mental Health

Maintaining proper mental health is essential, and ensuring your home is clean and tidy can help contribute to good mental health. According to a study at the University of New Mexico, clutter can directly impact someone’s ability to feel pleasure in a space. Maintaining clean leisure, work, exercise and living areas is essential. Something as simple as washing dirty dishes or taking out the trash can help create a more uncluttered space and improve your mental health.

Steps to Take When Decluttering Your Space

The following steps may help improve your mental health by ensuring a clean space.

Divide larger tasks into smaller tasks. Large, time-consuming tasks, such as cleaning out your garage, may seem daunting and intimidating. Breaking up such tasks into smaller objectives can help you declutter your space efficiently and quickly.

Create a routine or schedule. Routine cleaning can help prevent clutter by creating a plan of responsibilities, such as vacuuming or laundry. Starting a cleaning routine and sticking to it may help avoid clutter buildup and poor mental health.

Organize your spaces. Your workspace and living space are essential. Keeping your supplies and appliances clean, organized and in a spot you will remember can help contribute to a healthy living environment.

Ask a friend or family member for help. While it may be intimidating or difficult to ask someone for help cleaning, many will likely be willing to assist you. Some decluttering tasks might be challenging to complete alone.

Decluttering and ensuring a clean space can lead to several health benefits, such as mood and physical health boosts, anxiety relief and increased focus. Going through life with an unclean or messy space is unhealthy and can negatively impact your social, work and personal life.

Following the above steps can help ensure a clean living space and, in turn, improve mental health. For more tips on home maintenance, contact Horst Insurance today.