An Employer’s Quick Guide to Managing Remote Workers

The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has caused many employers across the country to make significant changes to their standard procedures, including shifting their employees from working at the office to working from home. While this working arrangement can help employers and employees stay healthy, it can be challenging for both parties to navigate.

For some employees, working from home is business as usual. For others, this may be the first time they’ve telecommuted. This working arrangement may seem exciting at first, but it can lose its luster over time, resulting in disengagement and decreased productivity.

For employers, figuring out how to manage a team of remote employees is most likely something they’re not familiar with. We have made a guide available for download entitled, An Employer’s Quick Guide to Managing Remote Workers, to serve as an introduction to managing remote employees.

This 25-page report includes best practices for keeping employees engaged and happy, as well as valuable resources like a customizable Telecommuting Policy that employers can use to formally outline criteria and expectations of telecommuting employees. This form can be personalized with your company’s information and sent to employees. Other resources include Telecommuting Arrangement Announcement, Remote Employee Management Checklist, and Live Well Work Well documents for employees.

Download An Employer’s Quick Guide to Managing Remote Workers.

Cover of the document titled An Employer's Quick Guide to Managing Remote Workers