6 Tips to Secure Your Smart Home

Although smart home technology can offer a variety of conveniences within your household, such technology can also increase your cyber exposures.

Without proper precautions in place, cybercriminals could tap into any of your connected devices- threatening both your home security and data privacy.

Don’t let criminals take advantage of your smart home. Use these 6 tips to keep your household secure.

  1. Purchase reputable products. Only buy gadgets from trusted brands. Conduct plenty of research about potential products through online forums.
  2. Use a secure network. Connect and access your devices through a private Wi-Fi network. Protect your home’s router with a strong encryption method.
  3. Disable what you don’t need. Be sure to disable an unnecessary features or settings on your gadgets, as these can increase your cyber exposures.
  4. Create strong passwords. Ensure your devices’ passwords are unique and difficult to guess. Avoid using common phrases or personal information.
  5. Consider extra authentication. Always check to see if your gadgets offer two-factor authentication capabilities. If so, be sure to enable them.
  6. Conduct routine updates. Keep up with regular software updates and maintenance to help protect your devices from bugs, malware or viruses.

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