2019 Survey Results – Employee Benefits

The 2019 Employee Benefits Benchmark Survey was made available to individuals through their client portal websites. Over 500 respondents completed the survey.

This benchmark survey demonstrates how employers across the nation are responding to continually rising health care costs. Survey results indicate that enrollment in a high deductible health plan (HDHP) with a health savings account (HSA) increased, while enrollment in a preferred provider organization (PPO) remained the most popular of plans in terms of employee enrollment.

Similar to 2017, the majority of respondents offer defined contribution pension plans. Eighty percent of employers also offer matching contributions for their defined contribution pension plans, with the most common match rate falling between 1 and 10 percent.

These trends seem to indicate that employers continue to use benefits as a tool to attract top talent and to improve the lives of their employees, but that employers are handing off the active management of benefits to employees themselves, delegating the decisions and risk that come with determining their futures.

By using the data in this survey, you can view what other businesses in your area and industry are offering, and identify your plan’s strengths and weaknesses in order to fortify your recruitment and retention efforts.

For the full Results check out the link below:

2019 Survey Results Employee Benefits__