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Horst Insurance believes in providing comprehensive risk management services. One component of that objective is our Client Contract Review program. The CCR program is designed to allow your Horst Team to provide you with valuable feedback prior to entering into typical business contracts. By submitting contracts to us for review, key sections, including insurance requirements, hold harmless and indemnity provisions and other insurance-related language can be reviewed against the backdrop of your current insurance and risk management program. Appropriate feedback is then provided including any necessary insurance changes that would result by executing the contract.

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Details about the Contract

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By checking the "I accept" box, I acknowledge that Horst Insurance is not providing any legal advice through this contract review program. I acknowledge and accept that any feedback or recommendations that Horst Insurance does provide in response to my request is based solely on their review from an insurance and risk management standpoint. I acknowledge that any legal review of this contract would require the advice of legal counsel. It is understood that Horst Insurance can only provide feedback based on the insurance coverages they currently manage and those sections of the contract that I have chosen to provide to them.