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PCRB Gets Tough on Audits Effective 01/01/17

- Author – G. David Ament, CIC Posted – 01/04/2017 Generally, an auditable insurance policy, such as Workers’ Compensation or General Liability, includes a provision in the contract wording that requires you to cooperate with the insurer as they conduct the … continue reading >

49 CFR Parts 300-399 (DOT/CMV) Regulations

-         Author – Ryan K. Thowson, Risk Control Specialist, Horst Insurance Posted – November 5, 2015 Most of us have seen the “USDOT” (U.S. Department of Transportation) numbers on the sides of large, commercial motor vehicles such … continue reading >

Worker Misclassification

- Author – David C. King, President & CEO, Horst Insurance Posted – August 13, 2015 A recent “Administrative Interpretation” (No. 2015-1) by the U.S. Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division will have a broad reaching impact on every business … continue reading >

Cyber / Internet Liability

- Author – Linda Bell, Account Executive, Horst Insurance Posted – August 6, 2014 The Internet’s development has created a virtual wonderland of possibilities for everyone. We can “Google” anything we want to know and find an instant answer. We can … continue reading >

What to Look for When Shopping for an E&O Policy

- Author – Thomas R. Schneider, Account Executive, Horst Insurance Posted – April 30, 2014 There are many factors to consider when looking into Title Agents Errors and Omissions Insurance.  Of course, the coverage, limits, deductibles and exclusions are all very … continue reading >

Reimbursement of Defense Costs a Reality in PA

- Author – David C. King, President & CEO, Horst Insurance Posted – March 4, 2014 Commercial General Liability insurance is designed to protect your business assets in the event of an allegation that you negligently caused bodily injury or property … continue reading >

It Sometimes Helps to Seek a Broader Perspective

- Author – David C. King, President & CEO, Horst Insurance Posted – February 7, 2014 Pricing for Commercial Property & Casualty Insurance continues to rise, albeit at a slower pace.  And, while we certainly understand that no business leader wants … continue reading >