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- As technology has developed, so has people’s ability to overcome the traditional communication barriers of time and distance. The practice of telemedicine is a step forward in the health care industry to use telecommunication to bridge the gap of time, … continue reading >

Investigating a Sexual Harassment Claim

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- Receiving a sexual harassment claim from an employee is a delicate situation. Employers must consider how they will respond to the complaint, how they will investigate the allegations and what guidelines they will use to assess the complaint’s validity. Ultimately, … continue reading >

Is Your Safety Incentive Program Effective?

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- It was just a decade ago that workplace safety incentive programs were new on the scene. Today, they are a commonplace approach used by small and large companies to improve safety and reduce workers’ compensation claims and other worker injury-related … continue reading >

Preventing Workplace Harassment: EEOC Practices for Employers

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